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ITAU Extrusion

Dietary proteins derived from plant sources are becoming one of the food industry’s fastest growing and most innovative ingredient segments. The extrusion texturization technique has revolutionized the food industry through technological advances leading to the development of an alternative protein rich food with enhanced fibrous meat-like textured characteristics.   Food extrusion is a process in which food/feed ingredients are forced to flow under one or several conditions of mixing, heating and shear, through a die that forms and/or puff dies the ingredients. It is a continuous process by which moistened, starchy, and/or proteinaceous materials are plasticized and cooked by a combination of moisture, pressure, temperature and mechanical shear.

Extrusion introduces thermal and mechanical energy to food and feed ingredients, forcing the basic components of the ingredients, such as starch and protein, to undergo chemical and physical changes. Heat generated through friction and mechanical shear and in conjunction with pressure and moisture achieves cooking, deactivation of anti-nutritional factors, protein denaturing and starch gelatinization. deconstruction of micro-organisms and some toxic compounds.

Texturized vegetable protein (TVP) based foods offer several advantages compared to animal protein, including lower cost and health benefits. TVP is cholesterol free and is widely used for the quality of the plant protein. Textured vegetable proteins are generally used to replace meat completely in food servings or it can be used as meat extenders.

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