About iTau Feeds

Itau Animal Feeds was founded by Fanti Hattingh (Owner) and is situated in Bloemfontein (Free State). The plant was constructed to add value to Itau Milling’s by-products and to our clients with the best technology available. We produce a wide variety of animal feeds consisting of 48 registered products (ruminants and mono gastric), which will increase as we develop together with our clients. Please see our product range available.

We focus on acquiring raw materials from reputable suppliers to guarantee a quality, safe product for the end user. To ensure “Safe Feed for Safe Food”, we apply the ISO 22000 principles, incorporating HACCP. We are committed to the requirements as set out by ACT 36 and to comply with the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association’s (AFMA) “Code of Conduct”. Itau Animal Feeds have an on-site laboratory to ensure the best quality raw materials are received for production of our feeds.


Our feeds are scientifically formulated by the countries best nutritionist’s. They are up to date with the latest developments to ensure profitability and performance to our clients.

We aim to add value to our local economy by creating opportunities through development of projects such as our Animal Feed Plant.

For Itau Animal Feeds to comply with the above mentioned standards, we need qualified and dedicated people. We will strive to develop our employees to the benefit of our clients and shareholders.


46 Gemsbok Street, Kwaggafontein, Bloemfontein, 9301 | P O Box 11532 | Universitas | 9321